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About Me:

If life’s a game, I’m playing it with the zest of a thrilling football match and the warmth of a sun-kissed Italian piazza. I’m the kind of girl who finds joy in the simple pleasures—be it cheering at a football game, enjoying a race, or indulging in the guilty pleasure of fast food without a single worry about the calories. Yes, I treasure my figure, but I treasure the richness of life even more. I’m all about savoring every moment, whether it’s through the adrenaline of sports, the magic of a good movie, or the comfort of a book under the cozy embrace of a blanket.

My Passions:

As a hairdresser, I bring color and joy to the lives of others, dreaming of the day I can channel this passion into a business of my own. Yet, to embark on such an adventure, I seek not just a partner but a beacon of support and love, someone to share in the dreams and turn them into reality. Love, I believe, is the strongest foundation, the kind that empowers and uplifts.

Looking For:

Who is my ideal man? Ah, that’s the million-dollar question! In truth, I’m not on a quest for perfection but for something far more profound—love, mutual understanding, and respect. These are the pillars upon which I wish to build a relationship, strong enough to weather any storm. I believe that with these at our core, everything else will fall into place.